Tactical Nuclear Penguin: Strongest Beer in the World?

Brewdog makes this incredible beer and claims it is “the strongest beer in the world.” The video above says it all, though at a mere 32% alcohol it’s not entirely clear why it still merits the label since the same company now makes two even stronger beers. (More on those and the politics behind their labels in future posts.)

It’s also more interesting that they would name their allegedly strongest beer “Tactical” Nuclear Penguin since the beer gets its name from the weaker class of nuclear weapons. I chalk this up to the general ignorance of English brewers about the nature of nuclear weapons (exceeded only by the general inability of Americans to pronounce the word ‘nuclear’), though they do seem to understand a good deal about the genetic compatibility of humans with penguins.

As it turned out this was good for me, however, since I first learned of this beer from a weapons expert at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, an organization specializing in getting governments to treat their enemies better in war. The guy had stumbled upon a reference to the beer during his research on nuclear non-proliferation treaties and, being a nerd like myself, thought it cool enough to bear mention in his interview with the American political scientist. (Or perhaps he was simply trying to dodge my pointed questions about the future of battlefield robotics. Yes, that’s right. Check out this bad boy.)

Anyway, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is certainly a fine beer, as I discovered while on a “writing trip” to Portland recently where my buddy had managed to acquire a single bottle over the Internet. (They arrive packed in bubble-wrap. Sweet.) And it’s true what they say about consuming TNP in small doses, like spirits. I can’t abide spirits, but I managed to wash my half of the entire TNP bottle down with a nice crisp Mirror Pond IPA for a chaser.

This resulted in a highly enjoyable evening and an absolutely sickening day to follow in which I got very little writing done on my killer robots case study.

Bad puman.

P.S. My buddy disputes whether I in fact finished my half of the beer. But I definitely finished my share.


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