Never Noticed Ocean in a Wine Before.

But I have now. And in the most unusual place… you don’t expect a great glass of wine from the Sheraton lobby bar at the Hartford airport. And ok, it’s not a great glass, not a spectacular glass but this 2009 Vistalba Malbec Cab has flavors in it I’ve never tasted in wine.

Like sea breezes. Also something very fresh (can’t figure out what) that reminds me of inexplicably of raising babies. Or of an earlier, baby-raising time. That one’s elusive. Can’t put a finger on it. What I know I taste are cherries, black raspberries, chocolate and pepper for sure, more tanin that I like, maybe slate, some kind of herb. I get a landscape impression from the flavors that involves warmth, salty wind and sunlight on rocks. (Which makes no sense really since Carlos Pulenta Winery is at the foot of this mountain range , far away from the sea, and judging by the photos on the winery website a common feature of the area is snow, not sun. Hey, I taste what I taste.)

Leather, this site informs me. Hmm. Leather. I say, maybe… asparagus.


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