A collective. A hive mind that shares what it drinks. On our little blue and green planet, we all must drink. We come from water, and to it we shall all hope to return.

doesn't that look tasty?

It is the kiss of life, and through it we breathe life into each other. From the basic chemistry that brought us two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, to the moist sediment and soil that feeds grapes for our wine, to the juice of the oranges that complete our breakfasts, we celebrate that which binds us. Drink, much like food, stands as a pillar of our existence. We commune with it, we share it, we hoard it, we pay for it, we charge for it, we drink it down and piss it out all the same.

If the water runs out, we are screwed. No more drinks. And that’s heavy. So come, and celebrate every heavy beverage.


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