Buxton Brown Vermouth; Dry, Sweet, Blanc

Worked in and around food and beverages forever. Experience includes working as a barista and bartender at the Whisk(e)y Bar at Amherst Coffee and a short lived stint as sole bartender at Lit Mezze Lounge and Nightclub. Vodka Cran anyone? We’ve got chic plastic cups?

Likes: Black Maple Hill Small Batch Bourbon, Puh-erh, fresh oj, mountain streams (preferably fed by snow run-off), the violent sugar rush from Dunkin’ Donuts coffee coolatas, filthy gin martinis, Yeungling lager, and Ethiopian coffee.

Dislikes: Dasani, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee coolatas, Bud lite, jagerbombs, olives, shotgunning beers, sambuca, martini’s on the rocks, though I will accept Manhattans.

Charli Carpenter

Teaches international affairs at University of Massachusetts-Amherst and blogs about global politics and pop-culture at Duck of Minerva. Is writing a book on human rights campaigns in between conversations at the Amherst Coffee Wine Bar, including a case study on the right to water. Once horrified senior colleagues by sending back an $80 bottle of wine at a high-end New York restaurant because the waiter had mischaracterized its texture. (Well, he had!) Hobbies: kite-surfing, snow-boarding, raising two future members of the American electorate. (Both have said she drinks too much when they see the cumulative bottle recycling container at the curb. She says to them, hey, we’re all 98% drink.)

Likes: Well-water, brooding red wine, bottled IPAs especially Dogfish Head 90-minute, Sparkling Grapefruit juice, Mountain Dew (especially the ad campaign), root beer in bottles, lemonade, Oregon Chai, fairly-traded French-pressed dark coffee and strawberry milkshakes. Also a huge fan of seawater, though it’s really not for drinking.

Dislikes: Cheap beer. City water. Truck stop coffee, though what’s a road trip w/o it?


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